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Artist's Statement & Background

Zion Levy Stewart living and creating in 'Paradise'
  • Zion levy Stewart Five Years Old Artist Mullumbimby zionart.com.au
  • Zion Levy Stewart Studio Mullumbimby New South Wales Australia

Zion Levy Stewart Artist Statement

"My name is Zion Levy Stewart and I am an artist. I do art every day, and really enjoy working with clay as well as painting and drawing. Drawing people is my favourite. I live in a place called Paradise, which is like heaven. Nature and the outside world interests me, full of seasons, wallabies, birds, snakes and fish. I am happy being an artist and this shows in my work as it makes people smile. Let me paint your portrait and you’ll be happy too."
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Zion's Background

Now in his forties, Zion Levy Stewart has been drawing and painting for around twenty years. Loving encouragement from family, friends, and care-workers while living in beautiful Mullumbimby, a small village near Byron Bay in northern New South Wales, gives Zion the enthusiasm to “do art every day”. He really enjoys working with clay, painting, and drawing and says “I like drawing people. I live in a place called Paradise, which is like heaven.” A love of life and people gives Zion the inspiration to be “interested in the world” and paint his unique, quirky portraits in watercolor or acrylics. 

In recent years Zion has branched out into ceramics, whose decorations are from his own life as well as inspirational books and photographs including many Australian and African animals, birds, and fish. The pots are glazed earthenware, decorated with brilliant underglaze colours. 

Zion has also had several commissions for portraits, various paintings, and ceramic pieces over the past few years. His work is in private art collections in the United States of America, United Kingdom and here in Australia. Zion has exhibited in a number of local and interstate venues including solo exhibitions.

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