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The Fine Art of Being Zion – 2017

Susie Forster is a local filmmaker who works on films in the art, indigenous and disability sectors. See her work here. Susie created a film called “The Fine Art of Being Zion.”

Leaving a mark on a piece of paper used to be something Zion Levy Stewart couldn’t bear. Today, art has opened his mind, and he uses canvas and ceramics to capture the heart and soul of his family and friends.

Picasso would be Jealous Exhibition – Byron School of Art Mullumbimby – 2018

Red Inc – Realising Every Dream Inc Zion Levy Stewart

Zion has also had several commissions for portraits, various paintings, and ceramic pieces over the past few years. His work is in private art collections in the United States of America, United Kingdom and here in Australia. Zion has exhibited in a number of local and interstate venues including solo exhibitions.

In recent years Zion has branched out into ceramics, whose decorations are from his own life as well as inspirational books and photographs including many Australian and African animals, birds, and fish. The pots are glazed earthenware, decorated with brilliant underglaze colors.

A selection of his artwork is always for sale for sale. Contact Christine Levy for prices if you are interested in these joyous pieces. His work is also available as beautifully printed gift cards. You can shop online here.


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