Shop for paintings at Zion Art. Contact Christine Levy for further information and prices.

This Art Sale includes unique pieces of acrylic on canvas and watercolours. A selection of Zion’s artwork is always for sale. Contact Christine Levy for prices if you are interested in these joyous pieces. The Art Sale also includes some selected pieces on beautifully printed gift cards.You can shop for these online here. Zion’s use of colour and his eclectic drawings make his art unique and charming. He loves to paint people, birds, animals, and scenes from the foreign lands that he travels to with his mother Christine. He works from his studio in Paradise Mullumbimby. You can have a look at some of his other paintings in the gallery.

Zion Art is inspired by a love of the environment and people. His warm and loving nature is experienced by all who cross his path. Generous with his hugs, he spreads light wherever he goes. Fortunate to be surrounded by birdsong, insects, flowers and fruits of all kinds. This subtropical home is a constant source of inspirational material for his work.

Zion paints in both watercolour and acrylic paint. He begins by sketching his subject either straight on to the canvas or in a sketchbook because he can then colour them and outline all the details. The enthusiasm for flowers, animals and insects is evident in the subject matter of his works. Loving people and he has the unique ability to capture their very essence.


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