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The work of Rainforest Rescue

Rainforest Rescue has been protecting and restoring rainforests in Australia and internationally since 1998 because they are purchasing and protecting the biodiversity of high conservation value rainforest. They are also re-establishing rainforest through planting, maintenance, and restoration.

There is a range of ways that you can help Rainforest Rescue protect rainforests forever. Follow the link below to find out how you, your business or your school can help save and replant the rainforest.
The Daintree rainforest lies in the heart of the Wet Tropics World Heritage area. The region goes from Thornton Peak and then the rainforest drops dramatically to the coast only five kilometers away. Rivers and streams running through the rainforest flow into the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage area. The natural vegetation cover across the Daintree makes this one of very few places in the Wet Tropics where the rivers and creeks still run clear in the wet.

The bleaching of coral from global warming has received international media coverage. In addition, sediments and chemicals from farming and mining are flowing off the land and onto the reef. This impacts on natural systems and we are only just starting to learn about the complex interconnectivity of these systems. What’s clear is that intact rainforest landscapes promote healthy reefs that in turn protect marine biodiversity. Intact ecosystems also influence weather patterns, including rainfall which is vital for a healthy rainforest.

The aim of the #rainforest2reef campaign was to promote positive conservation action
because they want to reduce impact on struggling ecosystems.

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Zion was asked to put his artwork on the coffee cups and as always was happy to help.


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