Ceramics Zion Levy Stewart’s Earthenware Underglaze

Ceramics always sell out at Zion’s exhibitions because they are both functional and beautiful. Decorated with his delightful drawings of birds, animals, plants, and flowers, they include large platters, serving plates, small plates, and bowls of all shapes and sizes. His vases, jugs, portrait pots and chicken or magpie egg cups are delightful.

At his studio in Paradise, he has access to a full pottery studio with kiln and wheel. See some of his unique pieces here.
Check out this blog post about one of his past exhibitions at the Lone Goat Gallery in Byron Bay. Zion never fails to delight and surprise at his exhibitions with his gorgeous ceramic pieces that compliment his great artwork.

Vivid colours and cute imaginative designs never fail to surprise and all with Zion’s unique perception and expression. Horses kissing is a great example of this. There is definite chemistry between the two horses with their mains flying around. The female horse has delightful eyelashes and beautiful blue eyes.

A selection of his artwork is always for sale. Contact Christine Levy for prices if you are interested in these joyous pieces. His work is also available as beautifully printed gift cards. You can shop online here.

Ceramics Gallery

Unique earthenware ceramic pieces drawn and underglazed by Zion Levy Stewart

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